Saturday, June 28, 2008

Week Three- Lucy

during my run with the Samaritans, i saw a dead cow, a road runner, jack rabbits, desert quail with babies, multiple lizards, deer scaling up a mountain, horned lizards, vultures, hawk, coyote, humming bird, a metallic blue and purple wren, buzzards...

the desert is amazing and filled with life.

i experienced the monsoon.

today is emo boy day.

a more complete post to come.
while on ruby road one day. i saw one of the most erry sights. Someone, a migrant, had neatly hung a complete set of clothing: underpants, undershirt, jeans, and collar shirt on to a tree. there was no garbage. there were no shoes or backpacks. he was at least 200 yards or more away for a distinct path and much further for a rest stop we found. what was he doing there? why did he bother to place forgotten clothes so neatly? why wasn't anyone else there?

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