Saturday, June 28, 2008

Week Three

Week Three was sprinkled with orientations and meetings. After our Borderlinks delegation and week at the children's camp, we headed back to Tucson to start our work with the Non-Profits. Thus far, Viviana, Karen, Rachel, Raquel, and Christina are working at Dereches Humanos. Lucy is working with the Samaritans until her stay at No More Deaths begins. Jose is teaching CPR to the both US-Mexico Borderlinks staff. He will also be working with the Samaritans as well assisting a Dentist at a Border Clinic.

Everyone is working and traveling together so that we can experience pieces of each other's role within their Non-Profits. Thus far, we have attended an orientation with No More Deaths that will also prepare us for Samaritan Runs. We had a morning lunch to mix and mingle with the staff at Southside Presbyterian Church. Right now, we are in the midst of a creative documentary. We've just finished our training and orientation with the recorders and cameras.

Last and most important, we have just our first monsoon! However, today is sunny and bright...

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